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We have a leading team of specially trained private investigators that are experienced, reliable and committed to providing a sterling private investigation service. Our staff operate throughout Ireland and have decades of experience working in the private investigator sector.

Every single one of our private investigators is meticulous, thoughtful and professional at all times – from initial contact through to management and strategy implementation. We are confident that our staff members can carry out each operation with maximum discretion and attention to the finer details.

Our chief goal is to provide a private investigation service that helps our clients gather evidence and uncover the truth, whether the case in question is being conducted for corporate, legal or matrimonial and relationship reasons – to name but a few.

At Darlex, we have evolved into a professional, approachable, intelligent security agency. Our private detectives are renowned for being comprehensive, precise and focused. Our years of experience working with a range of clients means that we are aware of how important good customer service is when conducting private investigations.

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