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Mobile Patrols & Emergency Response

Darlex offers Mobile Patrol Security Services conducted by its highly trained Mobile Patrol Supervisors. Services are offered to a variety of clients including commercial, business, and residential properties.

With the ability to change between many locations and deliver services such as internal and external patrols, open-air security, as well as operating our patrol vehicles, our mobile patrols can supply security that operates across more than one fixed location.

At Darlex, we know that visibility is vital, so trust us to provide fully uniformed mobile security guards and marked patrol vehicles, as well as highly visible boards at the entrance and exit points if wanted.

Acting as a strong visual deterrent against would-be intruders and criminals, our patrols vastly decrease the chance of crime such as intrusion, vandalism and theft taking place on your site. Darlex staff are equipped with the right technology to ensure a quick response, exchange real-time incident information with clients, communicate timely information with alarm monitoring stations, and maintain accurate records of all actions taken.

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