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Technical Surveillance & Countermeasures

Technological developments enable information to be transferred efficiently and discreetly across the globe, via a myriad of means. The advent of online Internet transactions means that electronic surveillance devices (also known as bugs or covert audio and video devices) can be readily purchased and used for spying on competitors, executives or colleagues, with little chance of being caught.

Bugs or listening devices can be hidden in almost anything and often have the ability to be transmitted for several hundred metres or even internationally, via mobile phone modifications and other means. This surveillance technology could be used to spy on boardroom meetings, executive discussions, sales meetings, product developments and so much more.

With proprietary information so exposed, there is a real need to counter such technology, with covert surveillance detection services, otherwise referred to as debugging or checking for covert audio and video transmitters or recorders.

Darlex is able to provide an advanced level of electronic surveillance detection. Our consultants are internationally trained and utilise some of the most sophisticated counter-surveillance equipment available on the market today.

We offer a full technical and physical inspection of your corporate premises. Our equipment includes spectrum analysers dedicated to technical surveillance countermeasures (enabling us to listen to and break down all radio frequency transmissions), broadband radio receivers (providing the ability to tune into local transmissions), non-linear junctions detectors (will find covert listening devices and cameras, even if they are switched off), line testers (allowing us to determine whether there is a hidden bug on a telephone line or any other cabling) and more.

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