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Vehicle Escort Services

The main goal to escort a person, vehicle or cargo is to make certain that he, she, or it leaves and/or arrives safely at a designated point. Escorts can secure your cargo during transit through professionally equipped and trained security officers in case something does go wrong. The escort must in the event of unforeseen circumstances, be able to take the necessary evasive or immediate action to safely, safeguard the persons, personnel and cargo, to the best of their ability, taking all circumstances into consideration.

The presence of Darlex vehicle escorts shadowing your cargo reduces the chances of an attack on the vehicle. Equipped security officers drive all escort vehicles and with their experience, knowledge and training know what to do to prevent more damage from being done by quickly taking the right measures.

Taking all facts, laws and best practices into consideration, Darlex offers different solutions for different challenges, ranging from unarmed escorts to electronic and off-site monitoring to name a few. Through conducting personnel background checks, taking security measures, like electronic locks, combination trackers and normal GPS tracking & tracing we are doing everything in our power to prevent your precious cargo from being stolen or damaged

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